The Future Notebooks/ Laptops: Endless Capabilities

If we take out our crystal ball we might see what notebooks could do in the years to come. Why notebooks cause we are a society that likes portability. After all the cell phone keeps adapting and adding more and more features. The features keep improving until the part of making phone calls is secondary to the features offered.

Notebooks could have satellite Internet that can be accessed from anywhere. With a simple antenna connected to the notebook, we could access the Internet in the park or just about anywhere. This would make the notebook completely mobile when it comes to the Internet. In the car, we could hook up the antenna to the cars radio antenna and have strong Internet reception.

Another advancement would be to have notebooks have a cell phone built in which can be attached or unattached at our whim. With one button pushed we could communicate on our cell phones through our Notebook. Cell phones will one day be able to access VOIP which will change the way we communicate through our computers and cell phones.

Notebooks could have the ability to access our desktops from hundreds of miles away through the satellite connection. The difference this will be a direct connection and not an Internet connection. With this ability, we would be able to transfer files in seconds.

Notebooks could also play music through your cars audio system. Notebooks could access movies from your home computer and play them on your laptop’s screen without any bandwidth constraints.

Notebooks could come with retractable keyboards to make typing easier and more comfortable for your wrist. Possible the keyboards could be slanted and have a wrist guard.

Software and hardware would totally integrate so that most things could be accessed with one touch of a key. Your notebooks could have more expandability than they do now. Hard drives could be larger capacity. CPU chips could upgrade your laptops by just dropping them in.

Memory card readers could have adapters that easily could adapt to any size memory card for the device we want to access. Also, many memory cards would be standard sizes in the technology we would be accessing. This would account for cell phones, cameras, game cards, etc that we wanted to access.

Game machines could fully integrate with computers to be able to play our games on our PC. Any advances that are available for the desktop can be made for the laptop as well.

Disclaimer: This is all conjecture and has not happened and it may or may not actually take place. I believe that we will see some of these advances in the future if not in the next couple of years.

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